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The team at iGIF™ is dedicated to introducing new ideas to the world of Apps. With our world-class developers and artists, we strive to be creative. We don't like "me-too" ideas or products. With iGIF, we are introducing a new type of patent-pending entertainment media. We call it an Interactive GIF, or iGIF™; for short. When you touch them, they change. They each tell a unique story that you cannot get with a regular GIF. Each iGIF™ can start out one way, but then you touch it and, surprise! That's why we call our company magical GIFs or, iGIF. Since we are new, our selection of iGIFs is limited, but will grow as people submit new iGIFs. Explore our initial selection of funny, cute, and crazy iGIFs. Our next version will have a create feature to create Interactive GIFs right from your phone. Eventually, iGIF will have a massive library of Interactive GIFs, limited only by your imagination. But for now -- explore, have fun, and send us some ideas. Share iGIF with friends!
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